MPC “Fly-through” promotional video
January 16, 2020

Come for buzz through the shop and see what our team do and where we do it! This awesome fly through video credit goes to Aerial Vision & One Photographic. 

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Custom Cars and Coffee Dyno Day
March 27, 2019

The team at Custom Cars & Coffee have teamed up with us to put on a dyno day/car show right here at MPC!! The day is set for the 27th of April 2019 and is sure to be a day to remember. Not only will there be dyno runs all day from various cars there […]

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Shop closure dates for Bathurst 12hr
January 29, 2018

Its that time of year again where we pack the trucks to the brim and head off to Bathurst to have a crack at arguably the country’s greatest race. The Bathurst 12hr! Which means the Croydon Sth shop including MPC Auto Speed will be closed from Tuesday 30th of Jan – Tuesday 6th of Feb. […]

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Dyno Tuning

Melbourne Performance Centre has the latest Mainline AWD1500 all wheel drive dyno to enable all styles of vehicles to be professionally tuned. With software available for most performance local and imported vehicles. We can remap your vehicle’s ECU to the best possible result.




So what does ECU remapping do?

Most manufacturers calibrate their ECUs to optimum emissions, fuel economy, component longevity and safety which can limit performance. It is also logistically simpler and more cost-effective for car manufacturers to produce as few region-specific model variants as possible. Pre-production prototypes are tested in a variety of extreme ambient conditions ranging from Arctic sub-zero to desert heat temperatures in Death Valley, at high altitude and with the low-octane gasoline and low-cetane diesel fuel grades available in developing countries. Therefore, one engine management map is developed with the necessary flexibility to cope with all these limiting constraints. Thus, the ‘one-size-fits-all’ map that is conservative enough to cope with running low octane fuel at an altitude of over 3,500 m in La Paz, Bolivia will have some scope to be optimized to run at sea level on premium unleaded 98 RON octane fuel in Britain at average ambient temperatures of 15°C.
The improvements are often impressive with a better power spread across the rev range, higher peak torque resulting from increased power at lower engine speeds, better throttle response, quieter and smoother idle and cruising and increased rev and/or speed limit, etc. Perhaps paradoxically, a performance tune can return increased KM per liter on the extra urban cycle and at steady speeds. This is because OEM calibrations might retard timing and run richer mixtures to safeguard against deviations in the vehicle’s maintenance regime or pre-ignition and knock caused by low octane fuel.

Here is a Testimonial on a Fiesta RS we tuned in Sept 2014

“Hi Team.

It was pretty apparent when I left MPC yesterday, that things were not the same. Take off in 1st lacked the usual slight hesitation and when in 2nd, once the turbo began to spool, it was all acceleration. Clean linear acceleration. In the higher gears, the torque is simply waiting to be used without necessarily shifting down. Little bit of right foot pressure and it’s all systems go. Of course I had traffic to contend with. Last night I went for a short drive, My God! When you give her some serious throttle, she is MANIC. You certainly need to hold the steering wheel when you go through the lower gears and accelerating out of a corner will have that inside tyre chirping its head off on any road imperfections. The power and torque is so much more on tap, It’s touching on frightening. At this early stage I have to say I am very pleased and impressed. Thank you very much to you and your crew. I will keep you posted with updates as I go along. Best of luck with your weekend.



And If no software is available to retune your OEM ECU, we can recommend and install a suitable aftermarket ECU to suit your budget and application.